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baby, my soul has a cold.

Single channel FHD video, Color, Stereo, 5min 3sec, 2016

Hand: Mika Ishikawa
Assistant: Megumi Ishida, Akane Ohno
Special Thanks: Chie Kobayashi

鬱の症状のことを、「心の風邪」と揶揄することもあるが、これは抗うつ剤を販売する製薬会社のマーケティングとして使用されたキャッチコピー「Does your soul have a cold?(心の風邪をひいていませんか?)」から広まったコンセプトである。


日々を忘れるための繰り返しの作業を撮影した映像には、心情とは裏腹に満たされた食卓、あたたかい料理、 SNSで発信される「理想の暮らし」のイメージが映し出される。誰もいない食卓。夢を見ているように、あるいはその世界に逃避するように、料理を作る工程を撮影し、音楽に合わせた。

Symptoms of depression are sometimes described as a "cold in the soul" a concept popularized by pharmaceutical companies that sell antidepressants with the catchphrase "Does your soul have a cold?".

To make a video as a prescription for myself when I had a "cold in my heart". Only while I was doing my daily routine (cooking, washing, cleaning, etc.) did I feel a sense of freedom from anxiety and sadness.

The video footage of the repetitive process for forgetting the days shows a table filled with food, warm dishes, and images of the "ideal life" transmitted on social networking sites, contrary to the my feelings. And there is no one at the table. As if dreaming or escaping into that world, I filmed the process of cooking and set it to music.

Installation view at SYP Art Space, Tokyo, Japan