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The Burning Plain

Single channel FHD video, Color, Stereo, 5min 19sec, 2014

Mizuki Soga
Shoya Oku
Ryo Nakagawa
Shiori Kodama
Takuto Shinohara
Tomomi Yoshioka

Special Thanks:
Kenta Tsukui, Atsuko Kawakami, Akane Ohno, Chihiro Konishi, Akira Kawachi

目には見えない何かから逃げる20代の男女の姿を、坑道のカナリア(canary in a coal mine)と捉え、撮影した。目に見えない何か、これからやってくる不幸、漠然とした将来への不安、危機感、絶望感、不吉な予兆…



The theme of this video is "escape from reality". I thought we have to look for a safety place for our life, especially for young generation.
I suppose that we want safety world kind of "utopia" as place of never feel uneasy.

I filmed some twenties man and woman who runnig away from some invisible things as like "canary in a coal mine".
I expressed escaping from premonition, unarticulated anxiety for future, the sense of danger, the despair, and ill omen in this video.