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Installation view at "Shibuya Eggs" Shibuya City Hall, Tokyo, Japan


I’m searching for your broken heart…
Video installation, Single channel FHD video, Loop, Color, Stereo, 2015

Woman: Ayano Kumaki
Assistant: Akane Ohno, Kenta Tsukui
Special Thanks: Hinako Shimazu, Yuki Saito, Atsuko Kawakami

Video stills


The work was exhibited at an art event (Shibuya eggs) held on the occasion of the demolition of the Shibuya Ward Office building. Focusing on "dismantling" "breaking" and "destroying" I created a video work that follows the back of a heartbroken woman on a journey to find her broken heart. Restoration, healing, recovery. How to treat and care for a "broken heart". I imagined the various motifs I encountered on this journey, and arranged them like a collection of souvenir tapestries.